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Free Forms & Letters that can be easily filled out.

LegisIT provides the following forms for FREE: Attorneys's Fee for Declaration for Adult and Juvenile cases for the State of Alabama and many Disability forms. We have gone a step further and made each form fillable.

What does fillable mean? You can download any form from our site, open it using Adobe Reader 6.0 or Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, and fill it out. Note: If you use Adobe Reader 6.0, you will not be able to save the PDF document, but if you use Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, you will be able to save your document to your local computer or server.

If you find an error with any form on our site, contact us via e-mail at services@legisit.com so we can make the necessary changes.

Name Category Download
Attorney's Fee Declaration (Adult) Criminal C-62A
C-62A Rev. 7/2000
Attorney's Fee Declaration (Juvenile) Criminal C-62B
C-62B Rev. 7/2001
ALJ Bench Decision - Fully Favorable Disability ALJ
ALJ Rev. N/A
Application for Child's Insurance Benefits Disability SSA-4-BK
SSA-4-BK Rev. 
Application for Disability Insurance Benefits Disability SSA-16-F6
SSA-16-F6 Rev. 
Application for Retirement Insurance Benefits Disability SSA-1-F6
SSA-1-F6 Rev. 
Application for Supplemental Security Income Disability SSA-8000-BK
SSA-8000-BK Rev. 
Application for Supplemental Security Income Disability SSA-8001-F5
SSA-8001-F5 Rev. 
Application for Widow's or Widower's Insurance Benefits Disability SSA-10-BK
SSA-10-BK Rev. 
Application for Wife's or Husband's Insurance Benefits Disability SSA-2-F6
SSA-2-F6 Rev. 
Application to Proceed without Prepayment of Fees and Affidavit Disability AO-240
AO-240 Rev. 10/2003
Appointment of Representative Disability SSA-1696-U4
SSA-1696-U4 Rev. 06-2009
Authorization for SSA to Obtain Account Records from Financial Institutions Disability SSA-4641-U2
SSA-4641-U2 Rev. 
Authorization for the SSA to Obtain Personal Information Disability SSA-8510
SSA-8510 Rev. 
SSA-827 Rev. 06-2007
Bryant-Jordan Foundation Nomination Form Disability Form 31
Form 31 Rev. Rev. 2006
Certificate of Support Disability SSA-760-F4
SSA-760-F4 Rev. 
Childhood Disability Evaluation Form Disability SSA-538-F6
SSA-538-F6 Rev. 
Claim for Amounts Due in the Case of a Deceased Beneficiary Disability SSA-1724
SSA-1724 Rev. 
Claimant's Medications Disability HA-4632
HA-4632 Rev. 
Claimant's Medications (revised version without form number or date) Disability HA-4632R
HA-4632R Rev. 
Claimant's Recent Medical Treatment Disability HA-4631
HA-4631 Rev. 
Claimant's Recent Medical Treatment (revised version without form number or date) Disability HA-4631R
HA-4631R Rev. 
Claimant's Work Background Disability HA-4633
HA-4633 Rev. 
Claimant's Work Background (revised version without form number or date) Disability HA-4633R
HA-4633R Rev. 
Consent for Release of Information Disability SSA-3288
SSA-3288 Rev. 
Disability Report - Adult Disability SSA-3368-BK
SSA-3368-BK Rev. 
Disability Report - Appeal Disability SSA-3441-BK
SSA-3441-BK Rev. 
Disability Report - Child Disability SSA-3820-BK
SSA-3820-BK Rev. 
Employer Report of Special Wage Payments Disability SSA-131
SSA-131 Rev. 
Function Report - Adult Disability SSA-3373-BK
SSA-3373-BK Rev. 
Function Report - Adult - Third Party Disability SSA-3380-BK
SSA-3380-BK Rev. 
Function Report - Child - Age 1 to 3rd Birthday Disability SSA-3376-BK
SSA-3376-BK Rev. 
Function Report - Child - Age 12 to 18th Birthday Disability SSA-3379-BK
SSA-3379-BK Rev. 
Function Report - Child - Age 3 to 6th Birthday Disability SSA-3377-BK
SSA-3377-BK Rev. 
Function Report - Child - Age 6 to 12th Birthday Disability SSA-3378-BK
SSA-3378-BK Rev. 
Function Report - Child - Birth to 1st Birthday Disability SSA-3375-BK
SSA-3375-BK Rev. 
Living Arrangement/In-Kind Support and Maintenance Development Guide Disability SSA-8008
SSA-8008 Rev. 
Medical Report on Adult with Allegation of HIV Infection Disability SSA-4815-F5
SSA-4815-F5 Rev. 
Medical Report on Child with Allegation of HIV Infection Disability SSA-4815-F6
SSA-4815-F6 Rev. 
Mental Residual Functional Capacity Assessment Disability SSA-4734-F4-SUP
SSA-4734-F4-SUP Rev. 
Notice Regarding Substitution of Party Upon Death of Claimant Disability HA-539
HA-539 Rev. 
Notice to Representative of Claimant Before the SSA Disability SSA-L1697-U3
SSA-L1697-U3 Rev. 
Offset Worksheet--Disability Insurance Benefits Disability SSA-2455
SSA-2455 Rev. 
Pain Report - Child Disability SSA-3371-BK
SSA-3371-BK Rev. 
Petition to Obtain Approval of a Fee for Representing a Claimant Before the SSA Disability SSA-1560-U4
SSA-1560-U4 Rev. 
Plan for Achieving Self-Support Disability SSA-545-BK
SSA-545-BK Rev. 
Psychiatric Review Technique Disability SSA-2506-BK
SSA-2506-BK Rev. 
Questionnaire for Children Claiming SSI Benefits Disability SSA-3881-BK
SSA-3881-BK Rev. 
Reconsideration Report for Disability Cessation Disability SSA-782-BK
SSA-782-BK Rev. 
Report of Continuing Disability Interview Disability SSA-454-BK
SSA-454-BK Rev. 
Reporting Changes That Affect Your Social Security Payment Disability SSA-1425
SSA-1425 Rev. 
Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement Disability SSA-7004-SM
SSA-7004-SM Rev. 
Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge Disability HA-501-U5
HA-501-U5 Rev. 
Request for Hearing-Part B Medicare Claim Disability HCFA-1965
HCFA-1965 Rev. 
Request for Part A Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge Disability HCFA-5011A-U6
HCFA-5011A-U6 Rev. 
Request for Part B Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge Disability HCFA-5011B-U6
HCFA-5011B-U6 Rev. 
Request for Reconsideration Disability SSA-561-U2
SSA-561-U2 Rev. 
Request for Reconsideration of Part A Health Insurance Benefits Disability HCFA-2649
HCFA-2649 Rev. 
Request for Reconsideration--Disability Cessation Disability SSA-789-U4
SSA-789-U4 Rev. 
Request for Review of Hearing Decision/Order Disability HA-520-U5
HA-520-U5 Rev. 
Request for Review of Part B Medicare Claim Disability HCFA-1964
HCFA-1964 Rev. 
Request for Social Security Earnings Information Disability SSA-7050-F4
SSA-7050-F4 Rev. 
Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery or Change in Repayment Rate Disability SSA-632-BK
SSA-632-BK Rev. 
Request for Withdrawal of Application Disability SSA-521
SSA-521 Rev. 
Request for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefits Information Disability SSA-1709
SSA-1709 Rev. 
Request to be Selected as Payee Disability SSA-11-BK
SSA-11-BK Rev. 
Residual Physical Functional Capacity Assessment Disability SSA-4734-U8
SSA-4734-U8 Rev. 
Self-Employment/Corporate Office Questionnaire Disability SSA-4184
SSA-4184 Rev. 
Solicitud de Declaration de Ganancias y Calculo de Beneficios Disability SSA-7004-SP
SSA-7004-SP Rev. 
Statement by the Representative Disability SRep
SRep Rev. 
Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supp. Security Income Payments Disability SSA-8203-BK
SSA-8203-BK Rev. 
Statement of Claimant or Other Person Disability SSA-795
SSA-795 Rev. 
Statement of Income and Resources Disability SSA-8010-BK
SSA-8010-BK Rev. 
Statement of Living Arrangements, In-Kind Support and Maintenance Disability SSA-8006-F4
SSA-8006-F4 Rev. 
Statement of Marital Relationship Disability SSA-754-F4
SSA-754-F4 Rev. 
Statement Regarding Inferred Death--Continued and Unexplained Absence Disability SSA-723-F4
SSA-723-F4 Rev. 
Statement Regarding Marriage Disability SSA-753
SSA-753 Rev. 
Waiver of Written Notice of Hearing Disability HA-510
HA-510 Rev. 
Waiver of Your Right to Personal Appearance Before an Administrative Law Judge Disability HA-4608
HA-4608 Rev. 
Work Activity Report (Self-Employed Person) Disability SSA-820-F4
SSA-820-F4 Rev. 
Work Activity Report--Employee Disability SSA-821-BK
SSA-821-BK Rev. 
Work History Report Disability SSA-3369-BK
SSA-3369-BK Rev. 
Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit Questionnaire Disability SSA-546
SSA-546 Rev. 
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